Build Your Dream Business Guide

Dream Business Guide

Getting the right vision of where you want to go in business is vital. 

But you first have to start by addressing what’s not working. I developed this guide when I was profoundly (hopelessly?) frustrated with where my business was going. Even if you love the business you’ve created, it’s always good to step back and reassess!

Step 1: Investigate

Get out your journal and for two weeks, write down everything that frustrates you about your business.

Could be: money, expenses, your clients, your work schedule...doesn’t matter. If it bugs you, write it down! Below are some examples.

A few notes before you start:

  • Take the full two weeks and write something down every day.
  • If it’s easier, just type out your answers in the space below.
  • It’s okay if you repeat yourself… in fact, those are super important clues for you to notice.
  • The important part here is to get everything out… let 'er rip!

Example: My kids are growing up before my eyes and I never get to spend any time with them. When I get home on most nights they’re already in bed. On the weekends I’m too tired to give them the attention they deserve.

Example: There’s not a lot left in the bank account at the end of the month. I’m just scraping by. I don’t have a business...just a high-paying job!

Example: The money’s great, but I constantly find myself working IN my business instead of ON it.

Step 2: Evaluate

Think of 10-12 business owners / entrepreneurs whose business you admire.

If you can, stick with people you know personally. Write their names and businesses in your journal or in the space below.

  1. Joe Smith
  2. Susie Q
  3. Jim Stenson

Step 3: Pontificate

Write down the aspects you admire of each business owner’s business. (I’ve given you some examples to get started.)

Step 4: Recalibrate

Analyze your answers from Step 1 & condense the answers from Step 3.

Then write out what your dream business looks like. Write as if those things were already true for your business. The point here is to get crystal clear on what you actually want (instead of staying stuck on what you don’t want). Below are some examples.

Example: The business of my dreams allows me to have plenty of free time to enjoy my family.

Example: The business of my dreams runs efficiently and never produces negative stress in my life. When I do feel stress, it’s a powerful energy source to creatively find a solution to the problem in front of me.

Example: The business of my dreams provides $30,000 per month in cash flow.


Interview the business owners from your list in Step 3.

Tell them your observations about their business (this is why it’s helpful to know them personally). Ask them how they grew their business, take notes, and reverse engineer the path.

A few notes before you start:

  • If you can’t get access to them or don’t know them personally, do some Internet stalk–I mean...sleuthing, and see if you can’t figure out their path from the outside.
  • Even though this is a “bonus” step, it’s often the most powerful. Hearing someone you admire share how they built their dream business is like cheating! You get the unvarnished truth, straight from the source.

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