TDW #019: High-Ticket Handlebars

High-Ticket Handlebars

More ≠ better. In fact, when you’re working to sign new clients, keeping your offer super focused and clean will help you sell more

Prospects don’t need more knowledge. They need more wisdom (which is just applied knowledge). And you’re going to be the one to give it to them.

Here’s a little secret: your soon-to-be clients need you to do the dirty work for them. They don’t want to have to wade through your offer. They should never find themselves thinking, “soooo what do you actually do?”

Unfortunately, most offers are haphazardly thrown together. This creates drag and friction in the buying process. They need you to present a clear, concise, thought-through offer. It’s essential for getting to “yes” faster.

Offers customized and changed for every client might feel like the right thing to do, but it’s often counterproductive. Kind of like riding a bike with no handlebars. You’ll get movement, sure. But the faster you go, the more dangerous things get.

The following process will help you put “handlebars” on your offer so your prospect can easily grab on and go for a ride. I’ve given you examples from my own perspective–specifically for my coaching program. Use my answers as a jumping off point for your own.

Ready? Let’s dig in…

High-Ticket Handlebars

A.) What’s wrong with the way your industry currently operates that you would love to fix?

My example: Content marketing gurus overcomplicate nearly everything. No one needs complex editorial calendars. Or 57-step nurture sequences. Or never-ending upsell funnels. Yet, nearly every business owner feels the pressure to do these things because “everyone else is doing it.”

B.) What are the typical “best practices” in your industry that you find unacceptable? What would be better?

My example:

  • Having an account on every social media platform known to man–it’s nearly impossible to do multiple accounts effectively at the same time.
  • Creating content in a mode you don’t enjoy–if you like to write, write! If you like to do video, do video! Pick the medium you dig the most and go for it.
  • “Just add value.” What a load of crap. Create content that gets clients, not kudos.

C.) Describe your dream client’s current situation. Where are they at right now?

My example: They’re exhausted from creating content with nothing to show for it. Their audience isn’t growing. Their email list is stagnant. No one’s engaging with their stuff. And they definitely aren’t getting clients from their content.

D.) What is the cost of them staying where they are? (Financially, emotionally, time, etc.)

My example: They have no predictable, sustainable way to produce leads outside of referrals and word-of-mouth. This creates a growth cap that no amount of hustle can fix. This creates a tremendous amount of pressure and strain on the business (and the business owner)

E.) What is the number ONE most important thing they want to accomplish in their business?

My example: They’re growing at a predictable clip each year and that they’ve got a good management team in place that can run the business without their direct involvement.

F.) What are the 5 necessary steps you’ll walk them through that will get them to THEIR finish line? (these are the core elements that will become your offer).

Example (if you were a paper salesperson):

  1. My job is to speak to clients who need paper on the phone. 
  2. I ask them about the quantities and type of copier paper they need. 
  3. I determine whether we can supply it to them. 
  4. I determine whether they can pay for it. 
  5. If we can supply it, and they can pay for it, we then deliver it to them.

G.) What is it worth to them to get their desired results? In other words, if they achieve their desired results, what does it allow them to do / have / be?

My example:

  1. Become the go-to authority in their niche/industry.
  2. They get to pick and choose the leads that pay them the most the easiest.
  3. All content is aligned and in tune with what the market wants.

H.) In one sentence, describe what you do for your clients in a way that a 10-year old can understand it.

We work with people who want to win more clients with their content without having to post all the time.

Final Thoughts

The more you can simplify, focus and filter your offer, the smoother your sales process is going to be. That means more clients for you. And better results for your clients.

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