TDW #001: The Million-Dollar Marketing Plan

The Different Weekly: The Million-Dollar Marketing Plan

Edition at a Glance

I'm trying something new this week. Instead of five different ideas, I'm focusing on a single, practical topic to help you get noticed, attract dream clients, and work with more people who pay you the most the easiest.

My agency works with businesses that do $1M+. We build their client-acquisition systems using organic content focused on the personality and differentiation factors of the business.

90% of businesses lose a ton of time and money by doing way too much marketing. They spread themselves way too thin and end up with mediocre marketing that goes nowhere.

The key is to do less, while making more money.

So here's a basic million-dollar marketing plan any business can use to make more money in less time.

Step 1: Define your specific person

Who pays you the most the easiest?

Define it. Spend time here. Get super clear. This is the first (and most important) step for a reason.

It usually helps to come up with the first and last name of a real person (preferably someone who already pays you). Then point all your marketing towards this one person.

Note: it's normal to feel some "all my eggs in one basket" jitters at this point. If you're feeling hesitancy, it usually means you need to go back and get more clarity on your specific person. Here's an example from a client report you can copy:

A few helpful hints:

  1. Ask yourself, "if I could clone one of my current clients and only ever work with those clones for the rest of my life...who would it be?"
  2. Vague answers are your enemy.
  3. Your Specific Person will change as your business evolves—that's perfectly normal.

Step 2: Define your specific outcome

What outcome do you provide your Specific Person?

Answer this question: after working with you, how will their lives be any different? What will they walk away with? Quantify it. Put handlebars on it for your client. Make it clear.

(You'd be surprised at how many businesses can't actually do this.)

Here's a formula if you need help:

"After working with us, you'll be able to X so you can Y without Z."

X = thing they want to do
Y = thing they want to achieve
Z = thing they want to avoid

Example for a weight-loss coach or nutritionist:

"You'll be able to lose weight so you can go to the beach without feeling self-conscious."

Example for a CPA:

"You'll be able to reduce your tax burden so you can keep more of your money without worrying about the IRS."

Example from my agency (slightly modified):

"You'll be able to acquire dream clients so you can work on your business instead of in it."

Step 3: Define your specific process

This is the fun part. I want you to define how you do what you do. Call it the "special sauce" or your secret recipe (attorneys call it "intellectual property"). What's the process you use to deliver your OUTCOME to your PERSON?

McDonalds didn't invent cheeseburgers. But they have a specific process they use to make 'em. Starbucks didn't invent coffee. But they have a choreographed process for you to follow the moment you step into the store.

Name it. Claim it. Market it.

For example, here's the Specific Process we use at The Different Company:

We didn't invent marketing. But this is the precess we use to deliver our courses and services. Everything goes through this filter. It's unique and specific to us. We can leverage it a million different ways.

The good news? Your business already has a process. You just gotta define it. 


Step 4: Define your specific product

This is the part everyone sees. Colonel Sanders has his 11 secret herbs and spices (Specific Process). But the Specific Product is a bucket of greasy chicken.


Simply put: this is what people buy from you. If your business was a grocery store, what would be on the shelves? What's your Specific Person putting in their cart as they stroll down the aisle?

Two of my bestselling specific products are courses—Attractor Factor & Godfather Offer:

Some other examples of Specific Products you could use:

  • Coaching programs
  • VIP Days
  • Meal plans
  • Agency services
  • Godfather Offers of your own
  • Consulting

If people pay you for it, it's probably a Specific Product. As the name suggests, the more specific you can make your Specific Product, the better the results. So if you sell blue and purple widgets, you'd focus your Million-Dollar Marketing Plan on blue widgets. Go a quarter at a time. Branch out from there.

Million-Dollar Marketing Plan Summary

If you scrolled to the bottom, here's a million-dollar marketing plan any business can use:

Define your:

  1. Specific Person
  2. Specific Outcome
  3. Specific Process
  4. Specific Product

It's simple, but it ain't easy. But it'll work even if you're not a $1M+ business (and have no aspirations to be one). 

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