TDW #038: The Offensively Easy Funnel: How to Attract Clients Without Complicated Strategies

The Offensively Easy Funnel: How to Attract Clients Without Complicated Strategies

I don't want you creating more content. I want you getting more clients. We do that by creating content that wins you more clients.

Sounds...easy, right? While it's simple, it's not easy. And here's why: we've all bought into that lie that MORE equals BETTER:

  • More posts
  • More platforms
  • More videos
  • More tweets
  • More, more, more!

Our focus is growing your business through content. Not growing your never-ending content to-do list.

So you can forget 57-step marketing funnels. Forget 12-month nurture sequences. In every business I’ve ever had, the best performing funnel is always the simplest. It’s not complicated. It’s almost offensively easy.

And it sounds something like this when it works:

  1. I’ve followed you online for awhile…
  2. I love your content…
  3. I’m on your email list…
  4. How can we work together?

Let's dig into this a bit so you can get it working in your biz...

Step 1: I follow you online

Your journey to more clients and less content starts with consistency. We keep our select social channels stock full of content. Why? Because we never know:

A.) who’s in our audience

B.) what content will pull them across the line

This is also why you’ll want to be super selective in what platforms you commit to. Unless you’re a global brand, you don’t need to be everywhere. In fact, the fewer channels you select the higher the likelihood of your eventual success.

Step 2: I love your content

Your Core Content is the anchor of your content strategy. Most all of your energy, time, and effort goes into creating it each week.

Your Core Content is where a Dream Client creates a connection with you:

  • Not your product
  • Not your offer
  • Not your features or benefits
  • You

The reason is simple: they’re spending more time with you. They’re picking up the repurposed breadcrumb trail you’re leaving on your social channels and following it back to the source.

Step 3: I get your emails

Your email list is your conversion channel. It’s where 80-90% of your opportunities are going to come from. It’s likely the most important (and underutilized) business asset you own.

And that’s the key: You own it. You don’t own your social media audiences. You’re merely renting them.

So we want to work methodically—obsessively—to get your audience to cross the bridge from social —> email. The entirety of this strategy rests on your ability to get people from your social media onto your list.

Step 4: How can we work together?

When everything starts syncing you’ll get emails/DMs like this showing up:

Someone who’s ready, willing, and able to start working with you. Just hop on the call, see if you can help, and close the deal.

Final Words

Do those step by step. Do less. But do it better.

And make sure you're giving your people content they actually care about. I’m talkin’ content that helps them with their problems, or answers their questions, or gets them closer to their goals.

If you keep doing that, they'll start to trust you and see you as a the go-to player in your field. And then it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to turning those fans into paying customers.

Easy peasy, right?


See you next week,



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