TDW #043: Why Different Is Better, Caffeine Jolt, & Pro Wrestling

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  • Quote: misery
  • Tweet: grow or die
  • Thought: successful “different” businesses
  • Article: WWE yeah you know me
  • Surprise: caffeine jolt

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 Different Quote

People prefer the certainty of misery over the misery of uncertainty.

via Virginia Satir

Different Tweet

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Different Thought

The 5 Commonalities of an Unapologetically Different Business

Being different isn’t something to avoid.

Being different is a way to stand out and differentiate.

I've consulted with over 200+ businesses.

The ones who stand out, win.

The ones who blend in, lose.

Here are the 5 commonalities of an unapologetically 'different' business:

1.) Value: Shatter the Chains of Mediocrity

Gone are the days when charging for your time was enough.

It's time to take a step forward and leave behind the hourly rate mindset.

Instead, start thinking about the immense value that you bring to the table and charge accordingly.

2.) Creativity: Unleash Your Inner Maverick

Don't be afraid to let your creativity shine — the market always responds to boldness and authenticity.

Others zig?

You zag.

3.) Alignment: Stand Out, Repel the Ordinary

Align your business with your deeply held values and beliefs.

Just own who you are and don't worry about the rest.

When you do that, the people who vibe with you will come naturally.

Don't sweat the haters!

4.) Freedom: The Liberation You Deserve

Have you ever felt trapped by your business? If so, my friend, it's time to break free from the chains that bind you.

Cultivate maximum freedom in every sphere of your life:

  • financially
  • relationally
  • spiritually
  • emotionally

1.) Fun: Fuel Your Fire, Ignite Your Success

It's time to burn down the idea that success only comes from pain and hardship.

Having fun isn't just a luxury...

You have to keep that fire burning and always make sure you're feeling good to achieve real success against all odds.

. . . .

If you dig this list, you might enjoy the FULL guide I put together.

And today, it's just $0 (aka FREE).


Different Article

Paul Heyman | Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin

This podcast with Rick Rubin and Paul Heyman (aka Paul E. Dangerously) is a master class in the unpacking the creative process. Yes, Heyman is an executive at the WWE. Yes, the pro wrestling company. Yes, that pro wrestling company.

But Rick Rubin’s produced everyone from The Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash—and he knows how to ask great questions. You’ll get something out of it even if you’re not a pro wrestling fan.

Different Surprise

Don’t know who this lady is but I actually tried this drink last time I was in Starbucks and… she’s 100% right. It’s phenomenal (but!—be prepared for a seriously massive caffeine jolt.)

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