TDW #044: The 3 Types of People Who'll Buy From You

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  • Quote: your own drum
  • Tweet: no more calls!
  • Thought: three types of people
  • Article: Threads v. Twitter
  • Surprise: free(ish) pizza

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Different Quote

Do you march to the beat of your own drum? Do you capitalize on what makes you you? Do you follow your gut instincts when it comes to business decisions? The most successful business owners—rather, the ones who consistently get what they want—are the ones who make moves that bring them closer to what they prioritize rather than focusing on activities that maximize shareholder value or bring them more clients, resources or revenue. They might seem different to the people who are focused on what society has told them to because these rare individuals have established their own core set of values and behave in a way to get closer to what they want without getting knocked off course.

via Dan Nicholson

Different Tweet

I don't know what you're like, but the thought of booking a "discovery call" with someone I want to work with is less appealing by the day... and that's how I've built multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses.

I still host discovery calls. I still go on discovery calls as a prospect. But I'm pushing myself to up my game and meet the busy business owners who want to work with us right where they're at.

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Different Thought

The 3 Types of People Who'll Buy From You 

If you've ever sold anything online, you know clients & customers come in three different flavors: good, bad, and ugly.

But it goes deeper than that...

After building a 7-figure business (and several 6-figure ones as well) I noticed nearly every client fit into one of three categories:

  1. Loafers
  2. Laggards
  3. Leaders

The first group, The Loafers, you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

The second group, The Laggards, will be the bulk of your customers.

The third group, The Leaders, you’ll want to pursue with reckless abandon.

Group 1: The Loafers

These are individuals who buy from you with no intent of ever taking action. Doesn’t matter if it’s a course, program, or service—they’re simply buying to make themselves feel better.

It’s like shelling out a small fortune to buy new golf clubs without ever actually booking a tee time.

I once had a client pay $5,000 for a coaching program he literally never used. Didn’t attend a single coaching call. Didn’t log in to the members portal. Didn’t respond to multiple check-ins. Just bought and ghosted.


Loafers rarely, if ever, see results.

Group 2: The Laggards

This group is full of folks with the best of intentions. They truly want to get better and improve. Your marketing resonates with them. They buy from you and have every intention of taking action.

But the initial motivation quickly wanes and life takes over:

  • It might be a business or personal crisis.
  • It might be an underestimation of the time it’ll take to truly see change.
  • Something gets in the way and they lose their drive.

They don’t quit. But they don’t go all-in either. Permanent fence-straddlers.

Laggards occasionally see results, but they’re inconsistent at best.

Side note: You’ve got to be super careful with Laggards—this is the group that’s most likely to blame you for their lack of traction. They'll do everything possible to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions. Like not studying for a test and then blaming the teacher for your bad grade. No bueno!

Group 3: The Leaders

The Leaders are your best clients.

“How you do anything is how you do everything” is the perfect statement to describe the Leader.

They show up.

They do the work.

They ask for help when they need it.

They see results.

We track everything in our programs and courses to improve client results. Every log-in, module completion, and question gets measured. So it’s no surprise that the members with the highest metrics in those categories always see the best results.

Not sometimes… not occasionally… but always.

. . .

I’ve been all three.

I’ve sold to all three.

What about you? Hit reply and share a time when you’ve been a Loafer, Laggard, or Leader!

Different Article

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta launches ‘Twitter Killer’ Threads app in challenge to Elon Musk

Will Threads de-throne Twitter? Who knows...but! It's the first legitimate threat to Twitter I've seen yet. It looks like Twitter. It operates like Twitter. But it doesn't seem to (yet) have the cultural and political baggage tied to it like the Bird App. Check it out (and look me up while you're at it!).

Different Surprise

Apparently this guy hasn't paid full price for a Domino's pizza in 20 yers using this secret code...and it actually works (well, sort of).

If you try this, will you tell me if works for you or not??

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