TDW #024: The 4 Secret Keys to Building a Successful Online Business

The 4 Secret Keys to Building a Successful Online Business

Crafting an offer your audience will buy is about making something they already want.

We’re going to focus on the specifics of how to do that: specific person, specific outcome, specific process, specific product (I call it "The Godfather Framework").

With it, you'll have the confidence to only offer what you're best at and excel at delivering—no more races to the bottom or doing what everyone else does. Without it, you'll keep taking stabs in the dark on your offer—hoping to catch a lucky break

Well eff that. I don't like guessing. And I don't like getting lucky. I like being certain (or as near certain as you can be when you're dealing with the messy and unpredictable nature of humanity).

There are two types of offers you can create:

PUSH OFFER: An offer that you want to sell.

PULL OFFER: An offer that your prospect wants to buy.

Creating a "pull" offer is the key to creating an effective Godfather Offer. Said another way, Godfather Offers never push—they only pull.

In short, the Godfather Framework will give you the confidence to create offers your ideal prospect simply "can't refuse." It must be a specific offer that helps your ideal prospect (aka the “WHO”) get from one spot to the next.

  • Example: go from “confused” to “clear”
  • Example: go from “hungry” to “not hungry”
  • Example: go from “invisible” to “discovered”

Now let’s break that down…

STEP 1: Specific Person

Identify a real person. First name and last name. If you could clone your favorite client/customer, who would it be? Another way of answering this is by asking the question, “who pays me the most, the easiest?”

For me, I craft offers with “Ryan” (real person) in mind. I love working with Ryan. I know I can help Ryan. Ryan enjoys paying me. It’s a great relationship. And if I could, I’d clone him 1,000 times and only work with Ryans.

If you don't have paying clients just yet: A.) fix that as soon as possible, B.) pick a person who's on your dream client list and do the rest of the process with them in mind.

Authors use this trick when writing a book. They don't write to everyone. They write to one person–preferably one with a pulse and a name and hopes and dreams. Same idea here.

STEP 2: Specific Outcome

How will working with you advance your Specific Person to the next step of their journey? Remember: we’re only taking them one spot forward.

The Specific Outcome needs to be, well, specific.

Too many offers have this vague, nebulous outcome that neither the client or the entrepreneur is clear on. I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve been on where the person can’t clearly identify the outcome of their offer. It’s this messy, unclear, jargon-y word salad.

My litmus test for new offers: In one sentence, describe the outcome a client gets in a way a 10-year-old can understand it.

  • Example: “Spend half as much money and get the same results for your Facebook Ads.”
  • Example: “Get your pizza in 30 minutes or less (or it’s free)”
  • Example: “We’ll sell your home in 60 days or buy it from you.”
  • Example: “Create content that brings in new clients without having to post all the time.”

STEP 3: Specific Process

This is a (preferably) productized & proprietary process you use to get your specific person their specific outcome.

  • Productized: the process of developing a process, idea, skill, or service to make it marketable for sale to the public.
  • Proprietary: a way of delivering your offer that’s unique to you/your business.

I had a client once who helped aspiring authors outline and write their first book. When I asked her, “what’s your secret sauce” she gave me the answer most people do… there’s nothing really special about it, it's kind of like what so-and-so does.

So I asked her to draw out her entire process for me on a whiteboard.

Yes, there were elements of Mr. So-and-So’s process. But what she showed me was a completely different, unique spin on her process for taking someone from wishful writer to published author. It was incredible.

From there we were able to define her unique process, brand it, put handlebars on it, and offer it to potential buyers.

The results?

  • Before: struggling to sell $97 seats to her all-day workshop
  • After: went to a waiting list of aspiring authors willing to pay $10,000 for a 2-day session

The power of a Specific Process.

STEP 4: Specific Package

The container you're using to deliver the specific outcome for the specific person? That's the specific package. It’s what they're really buying. It could be a VIP day, an audit, a meal plan, a couch, a coaching program–you name it.

When selecting the specific package, keep in mind it should be something they'll actually buy (remember: push vs. pull):

  • If it's too generic, they'll be hesitant to commit
  • Too expensive and they won't be able to afford it.

Make sure it's comprehensive enough to get them the results they want. But also remember we’re only moving them one step into their preferred future. For instance, I worked with a client recently and she was trying to cram 3 years of offers into a 2-day seminar. The value isn’t in the volume. It’s in the results.

Final Words

The Godfather Framework is a powerful formula for creating a successful business or personal brand. It consists of four steps: identifying a specific person, creating a specific outcome, developing a specific process, and creating a specific package. By focusing on these four elements, entrepreneurs can create an offer that their ideal prospect simply can't refuse.

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