Justin's Toolkit For Entrepreneurs

Justin's Toolkit

Here is a list of resources, friends, and companies I endorse. While the list may change, I’ve had personal experience with every resource listed (unless otherwise noted). Enjoy!

  1. ChatterBoss. THE BEST virtual assistant company I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve worked with them all). US-based assistants who can do everything from data-entry to project management to trip planning and back again. I’ll even pick up the tab for your first hour.

  2. ClickFunnels. A simple drag-and-drop visual landing page builder. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I like easy. And ClickFunnels makes it easy for us to build landing pages without having to hire some SUPER expensive development shop.

  3. Automation Agency. These guys are my ace-in-the-hole. Pretty much anything marketing automation / design / website-related, they can take care of it. I’ve used Automation Agency to build out funnels, design PDFs, build-out Infusionsoft and Active Campaign sequences, update my site security, plus tons more. It’s hard to explain it. You just kinda have to experience them for yourself.

  4. Tweet HunterGet sales, growth and new networks on Twitter. Faster than what you're currently trying. Find high-performing tweets that generate engagement and followers. Super easy to create content that gets noticed. My go-to source for growing my following and opportunities on Twitter.

  5. Kajabi. One of the best online class platforms on the planet. If you’re a coach or consultant, it’s the easiest tool you can use to spin up courses, classes, and online offerings around your intellectual property.

  6. Typeform. The only form-building service I use. The integrations are off-the-chart and, how do I put this delicately... it’s not ugly like so many other form-builders. Simple. Elegant. And supremely useful.

  7. Bench. I use Bench for all of my businesses. Bookkeeping isn't super sexy. But having clean, neat, organized financials every month certainly is. What gets measured gets managed! Use my link and get a free month of bookkeeping when you sign up (plus I think they throw some other goodies in there as well).

  8. Testimonial. The easiest way on the planet to grab testimonials from happy clients and customers. You can even import social media posts into your "wall of love." If there are people on this planet saying nice things about you and your business, Testimonial makes it dead-simple to grab and feature them.

  9. Notion. I was late to the Notion train. But man, I'm glad I climbed aboard. Calling this a "notes" app is like calling Superman a "strong guy"—doesn't do it justice. It's replaced Evernote and Trello. More importantly it's reshaped how I catalog and process information.

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