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Spirit-Led Business Plan

Grow your wealth. Keep your faith. Discover God's plan of abundance for your business with a Spirit-Led Business Plan™.
What is a Spirit-Led Business Plan? Similar to a regular business plan, it provides direction and clarity towards achieving business goals. But its power comes from integrating your Christian faith at every step—giving life to you and your business.

  • With just a few hours, you can have your Spirit-Led Business Plan created and ready to go.
  • All the content is released to you instantly, making it easy to stay in action mode and impossible to get overwhelmed.

Enjoy instant access to the Spirit-Led Business Plan. Simply enroll and the instructions on how to access the materials will be immediately sent to your inbox!

  1. You'll attract more clients who share your values and support your vision.
  2. You’ll accurately calculate your financial needs and learn how to utilize profits to support your community.
  3. You’ll learn why you have a moral obligation to generate as much profit as humanly possible (with a Biblical foundation to back it up).
  4. You can align your business with your Christian beliefs, allowing you to live out your faith both personally and professionally, without coming across as a "weirdo Christian."
  5. You’ll be clear on God’s plan for your business so you can keep your faith and walk your path with integrity and conviction.

  • Biblical Business Teaching: 8 total Scripture-based training sessions on preventing greed, growing your wealth guilt-free, setting goals, creating Kingdom momentum, how to pray for your business, + more ($3,000 VALUE).
  • Spirit-Led Business Framework: Individualized Spirit-Led Business Plan creation and implementation ($850 VALUE).
  • Spirit-Led Business Template: A 20+ page template to assist in the growth of your business and your faith ($1,000 VALUE).
  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to the trainings & materials ($300 VALUE).
  • Support: We'll guide you every step of the way and make sure you to get the individual help you need ($2,550 VALUE).
...an $7,700 value for just $150!

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